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89.3 fm, The Current: “The Ericksons embrace night and day on ‘The Wild'”

“Produced by renowned engineer Beau Sorenson (who has worked with artists like Field Report, Bob Mould, and Death Cab for Cutie) and recorded at Justin Vernon’s April Base Studio, The Wild builds on the duo’s previous acoustic folk arrangements and pulls in atmospheric elements like moaning electric guitars and pedal steel. It’s darker, deeper, and, for the lack of a better term, cooler, and the new undertones help to further accentuate the sisters’ vocal strengths. As Valentini tells it, it’s an album that finds them letting go of their inhibitions and embracing a more open-minded, experimental approach, and the results are clear—opening track “Gone Blind” is easily their best song to date.”

The Star Tribune: “The Big Gigs, Jan. 11-17”

“A sister act originally born as a healing way out of a personal tragedy, the Ericksons have maintained their stark, soul-baring, go-to-the-light tone while stretching out musically on a record that should bring them into the spotlight. “The Wild” was recorded in the semi-wild environment of Fall Creek, Wis., at Justin Vernon’s studio, with the same guy who engineered Field Report’s record there, Beau Sorenson. Atmospheric guitar/pedal-steel parts and rolling drums add a Daniel Lanois-like sheen to Bethany Valentini’s and Jenny Kochsiek’s coffeehouse-warm, Emmylou Harris-channeling vocals. The sweet-voiced sibling folkies even get rocking in one of the best tracks, “Find Yourself a Lover.”

City Pages: “The Ericksons learn to let go”

“The Wild is hugely different from the Ericksons’ 2010 release, Don’t Be Scared, Don’t Be Alarmed; it traverses genres and influences, from the stark and solemn echo of electric strings to Valentini and Kapernick’s seamless Appalachian harmonies. Aptly named, The Wild pulses with an extraordinary vibrancy as Valentini uses songwriting to understand her grief……….That said, The Wild is not a coping album, or a contrived response to a tragedy. It doesn’t sound like a regurgitated sympathy card, and that’s because Valentini doesn’t look at her music like that. What the Ericksons have constructed on their new album is a sound that puts emotion first and composition second; the flow is impeccable and precious, like a bread-crumb trail to the heart.”

Rift Magazine: “A Review of The Ericksons new EP ‘The Wild'”

“There has been a lot of buzz about The Ericksons lately. For example, as I’m writing this, The Ericksons’ ‘Gone Blind’ is The Current’s ‘Song of the Day’ and I just heard “The Wild” on RadioK. Originally from La Crosse, WI, the sister-duo of Bethany Valentini and Jenny Kochsiek moved to Brooklyn for a few years before settling in the Twin Cities. January 17 marked their second EP release…..It’s the subtly pervasive darkness and beautiful harmonies that really stand out for me in this album. You can sense the sisters’ relationship and closeness in how they harmonize with one another. Heart-breaking, and sometimes heart-warming harmonies form the base of their “haunting folk” sound.”

L’etoile Magazine: We Will Rock You: Local Review Roundup: RGC & The Ericksons

“This album straight-up surprised me….It’s a great album, filled with some marvelous songwriting and some gorgeous, crystalline arrangements, and yes, some remarkable harmony singing that will knock you on your ass if you can get over that deal with the accents………The Wild is a gorgeous record, and one which transcends its genre trappings on the strength of some remarkably strong songwriting and performing to become a gorgeous work of art. And that’s quite a remarkable achievement.”